User Experience Design

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Human Experience Design is the foundation of both our research and design process. We'll uncover deep insights that usually lead to the design of innovative and more profitable products and services.

Design must also deliver an experience that's usable, useful and satisfying.

Information Architecture

Your users should be able to find their way to relevant information within just a few clicks. Clearly labeling your content and maintaining an efficient navigation structure will minimize frustration and confusion. Using our expertise, we’ll create an intuitive structure and navigation flow for your site or service.

We’ll help your customers find the content they’re looking for. And, we’ll help you deliver the content you want your users to see.

Wireframing & Prototyping

A well-designed EHR computer interface simplifies the user’s tasks and goals without causing distraction. After mapping out the information architecture, we create a "sketchy" wireframe that represents the skeletal framework of your website. The wireframe depicts the ergonomic page layout and functionality of your site’s pages. Devoid of visual elements, it defines what your web pages or screens will do.

This enables us to spot logical and usability flaws early in the process. The resulting prototype also enables smooth coordination between you, the designers and the developers early on in the process. During the User Interface Design stage we aim to make the user’s interaction with your product as simple and efficient as possible.

We balance technical functionality with attractive visual elements to create interfaces that aren’t merely functional, but usable and adaptive to user needs.

Of course we involve the key players in this process: The Usability People, the end-users, and you.

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