UX Consulting Survey

The team at Bentley University recently sent out a survey to UX professionals to learn more about their experience with UX consultants, and the type of services they need from a UX partner.

They received more than 200 responses from the survey and shared a few interesting findings from their initial data analysis:

Big or small, everybody hires for the same general services. No statistically significant difference between small and large companies in hiring UX consultants. All companies are most interested in user research, design, product evaluation, and innovation/design thinking.

Smaller companies are looking for product design validation resources externally. Smaller organizations are more than twice as likely to hire UX consultants for product design validation than larger organizations.

Bigger companies are more likely to use card sorting and tree testing. Larger organizations are more interested than small organizations to use UX consulting services for their information architecture projects, including card sorting and tree testing.

Companies with an in-house UX team need consulting help with accessibility. Organizations that have an internal UX are far more likely - by nearly four times - to pursue assistance with accessibility for their products.

Companies without an in-house UX team are more interested in surveys. Organizations without an internal UX team are focusing more of their attention on survey feedback compared to companies with an in-house UX team.