Ask the right questions!

Perhaps you are in the process of interviewing for a new User Experience position.

Great! Make sure you make a good impression by following all the ”standard” interview question guidelines. Usually at the end of an interview they ask you, “Do you have any questions?”

As a UX professional, there are questions that you can ask that can help you to decide whether or not the organization will be able to support the user-centered-design approach.

Don't look for a flying unicorn that can sing, write code, and do UX

Scan any job-posting site to see what a mess the Usability and User Experience (UX) world has got itself into. Job titles such as User experience researcher, user researcher, user experience designer, usability specialist, human factors expert, interaction designer, information architect, user experience expert, user experience architect, user interface designer create an alphabet soup that make it difficult for recruiters to know which candidates are right for which positions.